How to find app developers for hire

Once you have decided to widen your horizons and conquer the app market or to create a totally new company, the main question arises: where to find a responsible and talented developer. It might seem quite an easy task, but statistic shows that there are more than 2 million developers worldwide and you need to be really thoughtful while choosing the one to entrust your project and money to.

Luckily, there are some tips and secrets, which will help you find a right fit and get an app of your dreams. Just follow the rules and you will easily find a company or an individual developer to cooperate with.

One of the most popular criteria is selecting a company or a developer according to the country of residence. Due to the openness of borders and a big number of developers, you have a chance to select the one, who will satisfy your needs not depending on his location. Every country has its benefits and you should decide what are your main demands in order to make a right choice. For example, developers from USA or UK charge the highest bids and are leaders in the industry. Silicon Valley speaks for itself, right?

The next country, which is rich on developers is India. The sixth part of all IT specialists is based here and they offer a variety of services of highest quality. And there are also such countries like Ukraine, which are famous players on outsource market and offer the same services for lower bids.

If you have a big budget and limited time, the best option is to contact an iPhone or android app developer, based in your country of residence. But if you want to save some money and are not in a rush, it can be a great option to work with an outsource developer.

Choosing a right candidate

It is almost impossible for an individual to find app developers for hire without a help of a qualified specialist or at least without clues of how to manage the process. Here are the things you need to take into account, while searching for the most suitable company:

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1. In-house or offshore developers. This is probably one of the most important criteria, which will influence your future cooperation, so you need to stay focused and decide what features are most important for you. Of course, it is impossible to find a developer, who will create the app quickly, accurately and cheap. By selecting two of these three criteria you will be able to limit your search and concentrate on the most suitable options. For example, an in-house company, i.e. based in one place, is a right option for those, who put quality first and are ready to increase the budget to get best features and services. For those, who aren’t in a hurry and want to save money, there is a great option of choosing freelance developers or agencies, working distantly.
2. Learn more about the companies. To get additional information on the candidate, you can use various sources like Upwork, blogs and communities. Those are virtual places to find developers, designers and any other staff.
3. When you have already made a list of potential companies, you need to select only one best app developer. It is probably the most difficult task, which requires lots of time and attention. Once you have decided whether you want to go with a company or with a freelance developer, you can make a list of questions and conduct several interviews.
- Ask them to provide samples of their previous works. Experienced developers will gladly do that and you will be able to see what tools and services they use to make sure that you are on the same wave. You should also pay attention to their website, not only to the portfolio page. A skilled company/developer will definitely have an outstanding website, which will run smoothly under any circumstances;
- Learn more about the guarantees they offer to make sure that your app and investments will be secure;
- Ask for recommendations from previous clients. It is better than conducting dozen interviews or reading customized CVs;
- Cooperation throughout the process. It is vital for every client to have access to the project, so every trustworthy company gives its clients a chance to see the progress and demos. There should also be a scheduled chat or a phone call with your personal Android or iPhone app developer, who will keep you updated on the latest changes;
- Get additional information about the development process. When clients ask us how to find app developers, they usually emphasize that they want to work with a company, which shares their vision. That is why it is crucial to learn more about the corporate policy and the methods they use.
4. The last stage is the hiring process. Based on the above features you will easily choose the company, which suites all your needs.


Features of app development

It is not a secret that there are many peculiarities that distinguish iPhone and Android development, so you need to take them into account if you want to find app developers for a project. For example, Apple is known for its attention to details and always puts quality first, so a skilled developer knows that there are a lot of rules to be followed. When it comes to interface, such aspects like placing the main information on the top of the page, using simple design, high-quality images and latest tools are crucial, because they need to correspond with Apple’s high standards. Architecture of the app is also important and should be completed according to iOS App Programming Guide. Every responsible developer knows it and follows every step in order to avoid possible mistakes. Ask him if he knows what an UIKit is and run as fast as you can if he is not able to answer.

Android app development is a bit simpler, but has a few aspects, which are ready to complicate everything. While Apple has only one producer of devices, Android is used on cell phones and tablets of multiple companies, which vary greatly, mostly depending on the size and the quality of the screen. Another problem is safety of data and high competition, which requires lots of additional means of protection.

By choosing a company, which specializes in your area of interest, you will be able to protect yourself and your data, and get an app of the best quality.

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