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Outsource app development is a solution for those, who want to save time and money, and still expect excellent results. Getting in touch with outsource companies gives the customer a chance to establish a virtual communication and control, which will save lots of time and, of course, will lower the expenses.

The whole process of creating an application is standardized and consists of five main stages:

1. Planning. Many developers neglect the first stage, willing to save time and get started immediately. Devpremiumapp has a different approach and pays careful attention to the research and analysis. On this stage the client tells about his main goals, ideas and expectations. Analytics gather information on the market and offer solutions to choose from;
2. Prototyping. It is difficult to overestimate the power of interface and it plays a crucial part in the overall impression. That is why on this stage developers and designers create a prototype, based on preferences on the functionality, features, interface, navigation and so on. The client estimates the prototype, makes amendments and the real app development begins;
3. Development. This is the most responsible and time-consuming stage, and the outcome greatly depends on the experience of developers. They work on the project, based on the prototype, making changes if needed. Once it is ready, the application is sent to QA and testing teams;
4. Testing. Even the best developers can’t create an application without bugs. It should be checked under various conditions to make sure that it is flawless. When the bugs are found, they are fixed and the project is ready to start its journey to the big world;
5. Launch and marketing. For any customer it is the most exciting stage, which requires lots of attention and control. Developers don’t drop the project and work on it to deliver the highest number of downloads, reviews and so on. It is also important to pass all the protocols of app stores to make sure that the app places a solid position on the market. At this stage the app’s statistic is monitored and additional features are added according to reviews and market demands.


As you can see, mobile app development is a task, which requires lots of skills, time and cooperation. That is why it is not surprising that more and more clients turn to outsource companies, which specialize on the necessary field and are ready to perform the project quicker and cheaper. It is a right option for those, who are ready to become a part of a project and stay in touch with the company on daily basis. Outsource is a great chance not only to save resources, but also to avoid many unnecessary stages, which are unavoidable in big companies.

Choosing a company, which follows all these stages and pays careful attention to each of them, will give you a chance to occupy a solid position on the market, get an application of your dreams and save some time and money for future projects.

There are some tips and questions, which you should concentrate on in order to get maximum out of the cooperation with an outsource company. First, you should think of your expectations from the app. It seems an easy question, but becomes a cornerstone of the whole project, so you shouldn’t neglect it. You need to think about the audience, main goals and the final results you want to achieve. This may be an application to promote a personal blog, a financial tool or an informational page with reviews. You should have a clear vision of the target audience, the expected number of downloads or visits, and the rates of revenue. Of course, all these questions can be answered during the meetings with the company and there are even specialists, who are ready to provide you with the plan and strategy if you find it difficult to complete it yourself. But at least you should see where you are going and what your final goal is.

The next important step is to find a proper developer. Mobile app industry consists of thousands of companies, which offer development services of any kind, so it is more than difficult to find the one, which will lead you to success. However, there are some criteria, which distinguish a reliable company:

- Reviews. You can ask your friends, consult internet forums or review websites to check, who is worth your trust. Usually it is a great way to find a trustworthy company;
- Transparent and straight-to-the-point website. They don’t hide information and gladly provide you with the data you need;
- Portfolio. It is crucial to see the examples of previous works to make sure that your mobile app will be completed by professionals. You may even find some ideas and decide whether the company reflects your vision;
- Experience. The more experienced the company is, the better your cooperation will be. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to new companies, but working with someone, who has been providing the services for years can be a great way to avoid stress.


It is also important to be totally honest and clear in your communication. Provide all the information the company needs and the outsource development process will definitely run smoothly and without any difficulties.

It is impossible to name the average price on the market, because there are too many criteria, which should be taken into account. The final price depends on the services you want to obtain, the complexity of the project, additional features and deadlines. The last one, by the way, is a very important aspect and requires consideration. You need to think about your application well in advance to give the company a chance to work on the project without a hurry. The more complex your project is, the more time the developers need to make it flawless.

When choosing an outsourcing app development company, you should pay careful attention to their reputation and experience, as well as have a clear vision of how you want your application to look like. In such a way you will find a company, which corresponds with all your needs and will get an application, which will increase your revenues and widen the horizons.

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