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Umbra is a modern urban fashion destination for confident and open-minded gentlemen. We used technology to inspire and innovate users shopping experience. Our aim was to make shopping seamless and transform this website into online men’s destination that brings shopping and technology to a brand new level.

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The Resto

Resto is a key player in the restaurant industry template design. It is beautiful and attractive place where you can create and customize templates for your bakery, café or lounge business. Dozens of design variations to satisfy your business needs. We created 5 star website for you to select and enjoy any responsive template and add value to your business.

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Monalisa Hotel

Monalisa Hotel is a luxury, cozy holiday place where you can forget about all the routine staff and plunge into the atmosphere of rest. We created the website for Monalisa using the best top-notch technologies and solutions to make it fancy and clear. As soon as you access the website, you already feel the taste of your future journey.

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Bricks used our company to get responsive professional website for building and construction business. Same as Bricks uses only high-tech elements for building skyscrapers and foundations we also were very scrupulous to small details on the website and paid special attention to design and website architecture. Building scalable web experience that can handle a high access was our main aim.

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If you want to stay healthy and young for a long time - you`re the one from our league! We created this website specially for thise, who love natural and organic goods. Easy to navigate and good looking - it`ll be a pleasure for you to use it while ordering organic food. Just imagine how delicious your breakfast or dinner can be! Check our website and make sure it yourself!

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sofitel app (1)
Sofitel Bora Bora Island

Have you ever been to French Polynesia?
There`s a great chance to dive into this amazing atmospehere! We created a guide around Sofitel Bora Bora Island specially for you. The hotel is emphasizing privacy and intimacy with only 30 Luxury Bungalows located either over the lagoon or on the side of a lush hill overlooking the sandy beach and 1 Luxury Villa as well as one restaurant, one bar and one holistic spa.
When you download this app, you`ll be able to check the City Guide and use City Map.
Special features like Today in Bora Bora will make your stay here unforgetable!

platform: IOS, Android
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beauty camera app
Beauty Camera Photo Editor

Beauty Camera contains more than makeup styles and filters. It is a professional selfie camera populated with more than 7 million users globally because of HD camera, selfie filters, motion stickers, stylish makeup, quick snap, HD video and many other amazing features. Our Beauty Camera Photo Editor is a must-have for users who love taking perfect photos and sharing them with their friends through Facebook and Instagram. This app gives its users the ability to adjust skin tone, remove wrinkles, slim face in few simple touches. Wide range of beauty camera filters help make beautiful selfies and flawless everyday photos. Download this Photo Editor today and enjoy beauty in all its shapes!

platform: IOS, Android
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lovoo app (1)
LOVOO - Free Dating Chat

LOVOO is a free dating app: Meet new people and singles in your area, chat and arrange to meet up. There are already more than 50 million users and this makes LOVOO a place where dating is super easy. Get the dating app for free to make new friends, flirt or even fall in love. Lovoo aims at helping you find friends and soul mates with few simple steps. First check who is nearby, reach those who attract you most, share photos, enjoy chat with singles, fall in love and find new friends! This free dating application possesses a whole range of user-friendly features that make your dating experience as easy as never before. Download Lovoo today for free, flirt, fall in love and enjoy your dating adventure at its fullest!

platform: IOS, Android
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yummly app
Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Want to impress your family with delicious food? Bored with your old recipes?
With Yum cooking app, you’ll be inspired and organized in the kitchen. It gives you an access to masive library of recipes, the ability to add photos of your own recipes, the option to create lists of your favorite recipes, and help to make your meal planning correspond to your personalized diet. Plus, it offers seasonal collections right from the home screen to get you inspired.
With Yum million beautifully photographed recipes your cooking process will be easier and interactive. Let’s cook creatively!

platform: IOS, Android
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ayasan app
Ayasan - Maid service by1click

No time and too tired after work to clean up your house? Ayasan App comes to rescue! Now everyone can use the professional cleaning services and in a matter of minutes, you can request a cleaning specialist in your nearby location to come in right away. No more need to make cleaning services appointments ahead of time.
The location of the maid can be tracked using GPS so that you always see all the closest offers available. Once you send your user request it will be sent to multiple maids and once the maid accepts the user’s request you can easily communicate via the app and agree with all the further details. We make sure that all our cleaners are trained and professional to guarantee that your space or home is left clean. Keep Ayasan App close for cleaning on demand.

platform: IOS, Android
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